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Leslie Fish now has her own fan fiction archive hosted at Ashton Press.

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Many of the older stories you'll find archived here have all appeared previously in print in various fanzines. Our site features mainly Stargate SG-1, Blakes 7, Alias Smith & Jones and Highlander, and the majority of the older stories were written by Leah Rosenthal and/or Ann Wortham. Many of them were also written quite some time ago. My thanks to Sarah Thompson, who provided me with an almost complete list of publications and dates to update my master list of Blakes 7 stories. Our stories always alternated between humorous ones and serious ones so you'll find quite a mix here.

General Links

Fan Fiction by Leslie Fish Highlander fan fiction from the multi-talented, longtime fan favorite Leslie Fish!

Holiday Fan Fiction at Ashton Press — A multi-fandom, multi-genre archive of stories centered around any of the Winter holidays, such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Winter Solstice, and so on. Many, many, many fandoms are represented and more stories are always welcome. We can link to your existing story on the web or we are happy to host your story for you.

The List - A cross-index of Rosenthal & Wortham stories and where they have been published. Many of the older zines are available in reprints nowadays.

Fan Fiction Recommendations -- This page lists some of our favorite Highlander writers to be found on the internet. It is not a review site. If you don't want to read critical reviews (which might be good or bad) but simply want recommendations, this is the place for you. It's also a nifty place to find links to some of the best Highlander writers around (in our opinion, of course). The recommendations are not limited to writers of Cassandra stories. (If you do want to read reviews, check out our Reviews at Donan Woods.)

Fanzines from Ashton Press -- We have zines available in many different fandoms, including Highlander, Blakes 7, Man from UNCLE, Rat Patrol, Star Wars, Alias Smith & Jones, the Western genre, and multi-media. We carry both adult and "gen" titles. At this link you'll find details about all of our zines, including excerpts of text, samples of artwork, and descriptions of zine contents.

Photos From Ashton Press – Follow the link to see our new site dedicated to nature photos taken by Ann Wortham in Colorado, Arkansas, Washington D.C., England and more to come. You’ll also find links here to our convention sites featuring celebrities from Highlander, Stargate SG-1, Farscape, Star Trek, Seaquest, Blakes 7, High Chaparral, and Soap Operas.

Stargate SG-1

Don’t forget to have a look at Leah’s Stargate cartoons, too!

  Belief by Ann Wortham. Previously published in All the Roses Falling. 6th Season. An introspective piece from Jack’s point of view as he tries to come to terms with what happened to him at the hands of Baal … and Daniel is still there to help. Completely “Gen”.

  Archeologist's Picnic by Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal. Previously published in Iris Code #4. Set in the 7th Season. A story I wrote before 7th season actually began airing, about a descended Daniel, returned to SG-1 and back on missions with them. Jack tries to take SG-1 on a little bit of a “picnic” during this mission, thinking they all need a break. Unfortunately, nothing ever goes as planned when it comes to SG-1. Completely “Gen”.

  Zero by Leah Rosenthal. An AU 7th season ending for “Heroes.” Completely “Gen”. Warning: Major Character Death.

Need a Little Christmas by Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal. Jack decides to do a little holiday “decorating.” This one has now become an AU version of Daniel’s return to the team. <g> Completely “Gen”.

True Love, or Ship Happens by Quale. An episode tag, of sorts, to Divide and Conquer. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

All Wrapped Up by Quale. This story was inspired by the wonderful Jack and Daniel Christmas cartoon that Leah drew for me. It’s silly and short and the sex is only implied, so I suppose this is rated PG. You can see the cartoon at the Holiday Fan Fiction site (and it’s also reproduced on the story page). This is for Leah, even though she’ll probably never read it and she’d be much happier if I wrote a Sam and Jack story… Slash (Jack/Daniel).

One More Day by Quale. Jack really only has one wish for Christmas… an angsty little Christmas story. Slash (Jack/Daniel).

For more Stargate stories, both gen and slash, you might want to check out our Stargate Fanzines.

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Alias Smith & Jones

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Where the Danger Lies (Story #1.5 of the Ella Series) by Quale. Catherine issued a challenge to Quale when the author complained that The Kid wasn’t getting any “action” in the Ella series. This story is the result (written with the consent of Catherine). Read the rest of the Ella series on the ASJ Fan Fiction Archive.

The Red Strokes by Quale. This was a little attempt to give The Kid his equal share of romance and an adult story (that wasn’t slash).

Blindhearted by Ann Wortham & Laura Virgil. This little tale grew out of my desire to write a "love story" (of sorts) for Heyes that was a bit darker in tone (and perhaps more realistic) than many we saw on the show or that we see in so much romantic fan fiction. It was originally published in Cinda Gillilan's great Alias Smith & Jones zine, Just You, Me & the Governor (still going strong!). For details of ordering Cinda's zines, drop her an e-mail at

Truth Be Known - This dark and angsty Heyes story was submitted for inclusion in the next issue of our Western genzine, Wide Open Spaces. Due to a problem with obtaining enough submissions, we've decided to cancel further new issues. The author of "Truth Be Known" very kindly has allowed us to archive their story here, instead.

There is an Alias Smith & Jones Fan Fiction Archive site! Just click on the link to find tons of ASJ fiction and links. There is also an Adult Alias Smith & Jones Fan Fiction Archive.


Note: The Holy Ground Highlander Forum Mid-Week Challenge Stories now have their own page at:

Don’t forget to have a look at Leah’s Highlander cartoons, too!

Break-in at Tiffany's  by Catherine. From Just You, Me and the Governor #21. A crossover with Highlander and a sequel to “Diamonds and Spades.” The events of the Highlander episode "Double Eagle" are the background to this story. Feedback is appreciated by the author.

Diamonds and Spades by Catherine and Hilary –Hannibal Heyes and the Kid take a working holiday from the Devil's Hole Gang and arrive in San Francisco hot on the trail of a wealthy woman's jewels. But Silky O'Sullivan has other plans for them and soon Heyes is in a poker showdown with the lovely and mysterious Amanda, proprietress of the Queen of Spades Saloon. A cross-over with Alias Smith & Jones. From Just You, Me and the Governor #16. Feedback is appreciated by the author.

Many Things by Leah Rosenthal – A response to one of the Mid-Week Challenges: Write a short story or scene involving one or more of the HL characters during the Holiday Season. The following elements must be a part of the tale: 1)Santa 2)Ribbon 3)Ice Skating.

Sue-icide by Leah Rosenthal – A response to one of the Mid-Week Challenges: Write a (mercifully) short story or vignette in the Highlander universe featuring a character who is obviously a classic Mary or Marty Sue. Extra points for hitting as many of the typical plot and character clichés as you can manage. Roll up your sleeves and show us your worst!

Wired by Leah Rosenthal – A response to one of the Mid-Week Challenges: Write a short story or scene involving one or more HL Immortal character and an offbeat and unexpected consequence of the effects of a Quickening.

True Colors by Ann Wortham – On the Winter Solstice, two old enemies meet by chance and learn a few things about each other. Duncan gets a birthday present he wasn’t expecting. Check out the Holiday Fan Fiction Archive at the link to see more stories.

A Holly Jolly Christmas by Ann Wortham – A short little holiday piece of fluff about a misplaced present. Check out the Holiday Fan Fiction Archive at the link to see more stories.

Home for the Holiday by Leah Rosenthal – The search for a perfect Christmas present. Check out the Holiday Fan Fiction Archive at the link to see more stories.

Time and Tides by Leah Rosenthal – MacLeod tries to bring two old friends to an understanding at the Winter Solstice. Check out the Holiday Fan Fiction Archive at the link to see more stories. (VarReader wrote a sequel to this story called What Happened Next.)

Clueless by Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal – Methos adored Alexa Bond. But what was Alexa thinking as they headed off on their round-the-world tour? (Warning: this story does not go where you think it does…)

Rewritten CaH Confrontation Scenes by Leah Rosenthal, Ann Wortham & HonorH -- We had a little "challenge" on the Rysher Forum recently regarding how Cassandra reacted when confronted by the unexpected appearance of Methos in Duncan's dojo. One person felt that Cassandra (and Duncan) were overly judgmental of Methos given the passage of time. The challenge was made that they should offer up the scene rewritten to reflect their views. Although they ignored the challenge, I (Ann) did not...Leah had to one-up me, of course. She even had the temerity to put herself into the scene...although, to be fair, the same person who originally argued that Cassandra (and Duncan) were acting "irrational" by not automatically accepting Methos at face value did not respond to the original challenge but instead issued a challenge of her own. She asked how an outside observer would react if they witnessed the dojo confrontation and Leah felt compelled to write that scenario...

Janeen Grohsmeyer has also written her own interpretation, inspired by this challenge! You can find it at: There Goes a Horseman.

Road Trip to Arkansas & Chicago, August 1999 by Annie, Leah and, uh, some others! – A silly travelogue that Leah and I kept while we took a long road trip to Arkansas and Chicago in August of 1999. We had our laptop with us and decided to post little travel updates to the Rysher Highlander Forum as we traveled. A lot of the “Forumlanders” decided they were going to hop in the van with us and come along for the ride and before we knew it, we had a lot of passengers… some of them very strange. So, although most of the events described really happened and most of the sights we saw and described are real, I think the discerning reader will soon realize that parts of the narrative should be regarded as a bit tongue in cheek! Illustrated with photos taken by Annie on the trip.

Who Wants to Live Forever…Comfortably? by Leah Rosenthal – Even Immortals need money to live!

Duo ex Machina by Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham – This story came about (quite a long time ago, actually) during one of the Horsemen debates on a mailing lists. Leah and I just heard Cassandra called a “manipulator” one time too many. After all, who supposedly holds the title for the greatest manipulator of all? This story was submitted to a zine or two (and accepted), but never seems to see publication! So, here it is on our website.

Remembering by Ann Wortham – This short little vignette was written as the result of a writing challenge on a HL Writer’s list. (I believe that list is now defunct.) The challenge was to write something in 1st person. I believe the story also had to be under 1000 words. This story was submitted to a zine or two (and accepted), but never seems to see publication! So, here it is on our website.

Grrls Got Bite by RavenWitch -- Cassandra finally strikes back against Mary Sue! Our thanks to RavenWitch for allowing us to archive this delightful little parody at our site.

Trojan Horseman by Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham -- This was one of the very first Methos and Cassandra stories that Leah and I wrote together. It's not meant to be taken seriously, as you'll soon see! Originally published in the multi-media zine Potpourri in 1998.

Pop Quiz by Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham -- This one is a sequel to "Trojan Horseman" wherein we learn many new things about Immortals, Methos…and his possible relationship to Duncan? Definitely not meant to be taken seriously! Originally published in the multi-media zine Potpourri in 1998.

Redemption by Beck McLaughlin -- I can't tell you how pleased I am that Becky has allowed us to archive this fantastic Methos and Cassandra story at our site. There are very few Methos/Cassandra stories that I consider "classic," but this is definitely one of them! One caveat: this story has a few slightly adult scenes.

Insomnia by Pat Bentley -- This wonderful little story is about Methos and Alexa and the moment when Alexa found out "Adam's" secret. Pat very kindly agreed to allow us to archive the story here.

The Owl's Cry by Ann Wortham -- This was the very first Highlander story that I ever wrote. It's a little tale of Methos and Alexa, told from Alexa's point of view. I started a novella sequel (it's called "Hungry Like the Wolf") that has, to date, not been finished, alas. Someday, I hope to have some time to finish it. Originally published in Off With His Head #2 in 1997.

Alive & Kicking by Ann Wortham & Laura Virgil -- This was the second Highlander story I wrote, this time with the able assistance of my longtime friend, Laura Virgil. The novella was written immediately after the "Comes a Horseman" arc, so although it sort of follows show canon, it also goes off in a direction of its own. Although I like the character of Cassandra very much (as many of you know!), she is the villain of this piece...and, ultimately, Methos' victim yet again.

New Age Therapy for a Bronze Age Witch by Paige Foster -- In the aftermath of "Revelation 6:8," Cassandra tries to come to terms with her past. This story has been hosted on our Donan Woods site for a while now but I thought I'd provide a link from this site, as well, to hopefully give it a little more exposure.

Blakes 7

A Furry Tale - Another one of our pre-Bizarro 7 stories. We were just starting to hit our stride when it came to putting our intrepid Liberator crew into strange situations. Originally published in Fifth Season #4 in 1986.

For the Birds - One of the earliest serious stories Leah and I collaborated on. In fact, I think it might be the first serious one. Although it isn't a slapstick type comedy like Bizarro 7, it does have its own element of absurdity. The original illustration is included. Originally published in Melange and later reprinted in B7 The Other Side #6 (Why was this printed in an Australian "adult" zine? I don't know. The story is not even R-rated).

Lovin' Every Minute of It - This story was written as a sort-of sequel to "Better Be Good To Me," although it is not a fantasy sequence as the earlier story was. In fact, this was sort of a take on what would happen if Vila's dreams all came true! Again, it is pre-Bizarro and comes complete with the original illustrations. Even Leah's cartooning style is a bit pre-Bizarro here. Originally published in Whatever Works, the great multi-media zine produced years ago by our good friends, L. A. Carr and Susan Hall, in 1986.

Better Be Good To Me - One of the earliest stories Leah and I ever collaborated, if not the first. Again, it is pre-Bizarro. This one comes to you complete with the original illustrations. Even Leah's cartooning style is a bit pre-Bizarro here. Originally published in Whatever Works, the great multi-media zine produced years ago by our good friends, L. A. Carr and Susan Hall, in 1986.

You Look Marvelous - This is another example of a story written extremely early in our collaboration and, like many of our early humorous stories, it's a bit of a precursor to the Bizarro 7 silliness we eventually began to write. Printed in Chronicles #45 in 1990.

Night of the Living Ice Cream - A Bizarro 7 story and the only one you'll find posted here on our website. All of our other Bizarro 7 stories are still to be found available in the reprinted The Bizarro Zine 1-4. We're going to have a Bizarro website up and running soon (similar to the Hellhound website), so be sure to check it out when you see it announced. In the meantime, here's the last Bizarro 7 story Leah and I ever wrote. We had plans for many more and some of them even have notes written up but, alas, we've never returned to the land of wacky, duck-loving rebels. Originally printed in Gambit #6 in 1990.

The Thought That Counts - This was one of the very first stories Leah and I ever wrote together and is a sort of precursor to our later Bizarro stories. A first or second season story wherein the crew learns a little bit about Auron biology. Originally published in B7 Complex #8 in 1986.

The Play's the Thing - A third season story set in our Last Stand at the Edge of the World universe. Tarrant decides to take in a little culture and when Avon goes after him, the unexpected sight of a familiar face sets our intrepid heroes on a race across the city. Originally published in Raising Hell #6 in 1994.

Poetic Justice - A very short, post-Gauda Prime story that has Vila attempting to simply survive, any way possible. Originally published in Chronicles #32/33 in 1988.

Inside Out - A third season story wherein the crew of the Liberator runs into an old friend of Vila's and discovers some unexpected facts about our favorite "Delta's" past. Originally published in Raising Hell #5 in 1992.

Cross the Border - A post-Gauda Prime that finds Vila escaping from the Federation only to find that he can't leave without knowing what happened to his comrades-in-arms... Originally published in Raising Hell #2 in 1988.

Nobody's Side - A short post-Star One story which postulates what might have happened to Jenna...and Blake after the battle with the aliens. Originally published in Gateway to Time IV in 1988.

Set Up - Another short story wherein a determined Jenna pursues her man... Originally published in More Naughty Bits (but it's rated PG).

What are Friends For...? - Yet another short story. This one takes place immediately after the episode "Rumours of Death." Avon is feeling very sorry for himself and Vila attempts to help him out. Originally published in The Naughty Bits (again, the rating is PG).

The Rap-Up - A very short alternate universe version of what might have (should have?) happened at Gauda Prime. Originally published in Threads Through Infinity in 1991.

Fortuneteller - A little alternate universe story where Vila gets to save the day for a change. Published in Roads Not Taken in 1991.

Beauty & the Beast

Gone Too Fur - A short, humorous tale about Vincent's possible origins! Originally published in Rerun 9.

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